"I heat myself up over the fact that I am never going to be as good as I want to be."

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I cannot for the life of me understand haters calling Petyr a “pedophile” and “rapist” when there is no canon book OR television proof him & Sansa have had sex…but, like, it’s cool if she’s married to Tyrion or Jofferey (although he is closer to her age) or Loras as long as they’re married!? So, sure you’re 14 and you’re husband is 35+, as long as there’s a ring on it. That’s how it was back then, let alone a MYTHICAL world, with social norms based on this world…but incest and rape is okay…just…not this. I’m not saying all the other “creepy” aspects of their relationship is in anyway justified, this just seems to be a big go-to to hate on Petyr. Poor Petyr.

/end rant.

buffy and spike + pastels and pale

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For Drea, my amazing and strong best friend. Happy Birthday!

All the roles have been reversed; we were once the pawns in their game, but now we are the players and they are the ones hanging on by a thread.

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Morrissey getting mobbed….


Morrissey getting mobbed….

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Game of Thrones / ASoIaF AU - 6 of ??

Petyr x Sansa World War II AU [ x ] , in which Europe slowly crumbles beneath the inexorable march of the Third Reich. Providence keeps Sansa Stark from being seized alongside her family tainted with Jewish blood. That self-same fortune delivers her to the care of her mother’s childhood friend, Obersturmführer Petyr Baelish, an opportunist who finds Hiter’s uniform a convenience, rather than personal declaration. But it is the uniform that matters now, and in a world reduced to papers and armbands, to understand the man lurking beneath his title is nearly too much to ask.

" ——- These aren’t numbers; these are people, with homes and lives and families, and you’re taking it all away."

        “The party deals in statistics. Not people. Its best for you to remember that.”

"And what are the statistics on all the ones you’ve condemned to die?”

        “Don’t ask that. Don’t ask questions with unpleasant answers. I may not deserve to rest in the night, but you do.”

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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